Be sure to read these Conditions before ordering (booking) services provided by International Travel Plus LLP. These Conditions are binding upon anyone who uses the ordering (booking) system of International Travel Plus LLP.


These terms and conditions shall apply to all orders (bookings) placed with International Travel Plus LLP, either on the company's website or using any other means.

International Travel Plus LLP confirms that the company is a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan registered under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the following address: Almaty, Seifullin Ave., 498, room 7, BIN 060340008432.

By using the online booking system you accept these Conditions on your behalf and on behalf of the persons specified in your order.

Any booking made on the site shall be considered as a request to provide you with corresponding hotel accommodation services or other travel services offered by International Travel Plus LLP.

Client shall give consent to collection, processing, and transfer (including trans-border transfer) of personal data on behalf of all persons specified in the Client’s order to International Travel Plus LLP in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Your payment for booking services against invoice generated in the system with corresponding boking number and receipt of payment confirmation (copy of document, cash receipt, account statement, etc.) by International Travel Plus LLP shall be considered as complete unconditional acceptance of the terms of this offer.

Transaction between you and International Travel Plus LLP shall not be valid till International Travel Plus LLC:

  • gives order number to you;
  • sends order confirmation to you by email, fax or regular mail;
  • receives full payment for your order.

International Travel Plus LLP reserves the right to change current prices of the services due to exchange rate changes in excess of 1%, changes in amounts of tax and other payments, and changes in the cost of services of ultimate suppliers (hotels and transfer services).

All hotels rates in the booking system are shown on a per room basis (unless other terms are specified in the notes), taxes (unless otherwise indicated).

Client shall pay all additional fees (local fees, resort fees etc.) and pay for services not covered by contract with hotel on the spot on his/her own account.


Orders will not be accepted, if placed less than 48 hours before expected check-in to the hotel.

Star rating is used to describe overall quality, level of services, food standards and range of services in hotels. Number of stars in hotels is indicated in accordance with the hotels certification standards adopted in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All information on this web-site (including information about travel services and hotels) is deemed reliable, since it was provided by hotels, but the Clients should be aware that International Travel Plus LLP cannot verify accuracy of all the information provided by hotels and that International Travel LLP Plus is not liable for any inconsistencies in the information.

You and your guests (persons specified in your order) are responsible for availability of non-expired passport, visa, and appropriate health condition, and liable for damage to the property of ultimate suppliers.

Confirmed orders may be cancelled or changed in accordance with the following rules (unless other special conditions apply):

48-hour waiting period is provided for orders placed more than 72 hours before check-in date (except for orders listed below).

This period allows you to cancel or change any items in your order for free within 24 hours after the first confirmation.

In case of cancellation and introduction of changes related to decrease in number of rooms (regardless of their type) and number of nights the following rules shall apply:

Cancellation (unless otherwise provided by the ultimate supplier)

Cancellation time: 0 - 72 hours, cancellation fee: cost of the first night

Cancellation time: 72 hours - 1 week, cancellation fee: free

Changes: 0 - 72 hours in advance, cancellation fee: cost of the first night

Changes: more than 72 in advance, cancellation fee: free

No fee shall be charged for changing names of tourists or age of children. Changes shall be introduced only in case corresponding opportunities exist.

Client shall be responsible for accuracy of data (full name, passport data, other necessary information) provided for booking hotel rooms.

If the Client fails to arrive at hotel at the time specified in his/her order and in case of early departure from hotel, the Client may cancel or change order after receipt of the Client’s notice by International Travel Plus LLP during the Company’s working hours.

Any cancellations and changes shall be charged accordingly. Cancellation requests sent directly to hotel or other place of accommodation shall not be accepted. Requests for cancellations or changes shall be submitted by email to the following address: info@hotelplus.kz.


- Individual transfers


In the process of orders placing the Client shall receive notification about any special conditions applicable to his/her order and terms of payment for cancellation of such order.

Payment for cancellation of ordered transfers, that are not subject to any special conditions, depends on time of cancellation request submission in relation to date of transfer.


Cancellation time: 0 - 48 hours before, cancellation fee: 100% of cost

Cancellation time: Over 48 hours, cancellation fee: free

Important information regarding individual transfers:

  • cost of loader’s services shall not be included in the cost of order;
  • tips shall not be included in the transfer fee;
  • passenger who arrives with baggage shall make sure that type of transport ordered by him/her can accommodate all the passenger's baggage. If passenger has additional baggage with him, he/she shall bear all the additional costs associated with transportation of such additional cargo;
  • if ordered service starts at airport or railway station, the Client shall wait for driver or representative at the location indicated on the voucher;
  • if the Client cannot find driver or representative in the specified place, where the service starts, he/she shall make telephone call on the phone number shown in attachment to the voucher before taking other actions;
  • if ordered service starts at the accommodation where the Client will stay overnight, the Client shall arrive at the place indicated in the voucher 5 minutes before specified time;
  • if cost of the transfer includes the services of a local representative, the representative shall assist you during check-in at the airport;
  • when ordering transfer with a driver who speaks local or foreign language, it is important to keep in mind that the driver shall not assist you during check-in at the airport, unless the driver’s assistance is detailed in service description;
  • the Client shall be responsible for providing all necessary and accurate data for placing order;
  • duration of transfer shall be the time of carriage. The Company shall not be liable for missed flights, trains, and another types of transport, due to which execution of ordered service may take longer time than indicated.

In case of impossibility to execute order due to the fault of the Client or persons specified in his/her order, the services of International Travel Plus LLP shall be paid for in full, and the services of ultimate suppliers shall be paid for subject to their rules and penalties for cancellation of ordered services, unless other conditions are stipulated by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In case the Client has a complaint (claim) with regard to the ordered and paid services, he/she shall contact International Travel Plus LLP. Claims shall be accepted only in writing with the following documents attached:

  • Client's claim;
  • copy of identification document of the Client and the persons specified in the order;
  • copy of the Client’s order;
  • copy of the documents confirming payment for the ordered services;
  • documents confirming costs associated with measures taken to prevent and mitigate losses (if any);
  • documents confirming the fact and amount of damage caused to the Client or persons specified in his/her order.

Claims shall be submitted by the Client within 10 calendar days from the moment of services completion. International Travel LLP plus shall not accept the Client’s claims for pre-court consideration if they were filed in violation of these requirements.

In case any the Client’s complaints arise in the process of services provision, the Client shall notify the local representative of receiving party, and the latter one shall take maximum efforts to resolve the situation on the spot.

In case issue was not resolved, tourists shall provide International Travel Plus LLP with the documents specified above together with document confirming the fact of violation certified by the representative of receiving party (foreign partner) and/or hotel representative, indicating the reasons for refusal to resolve claims on the spot.

Relations between International Travel Plus LLP and the Client arising in connection with organization and provision of services in accordance with these rules and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Disputes arising in connection with organization and provision of online booking services shall be resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to come to agreement on disputable points, dispute shall be referred to the court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, determined in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the location of International Travel Plus LLP.


International Travel Plus LLP shall not be liable for failure to fulfill or delay in fulfillment of orders and obligations that are directly or indirectly connected with conditions being beyond the Company’s control. Such conditions may include: natural disasters, military operations and insurrection, uprisings, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, revolutions, government actions (including but not limited to cancellation of agreements), fires, floods, lightning, explosion, fog or bad weather conditions, disruption of public services (including electricity, gas, water or telecommunications), hotel repairs, strikes, boycotts, prohibition of import or export, and blockade. International Travel Plus LLP reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

International Travel LLP shall not be liable to the Client:

  • for the Client’s late arrival at the place of provision of services;
  • for violations of host country’s laws by the Client, detention of the Client by border and customs services for violations of currency or customs control rules;
  • for embassy’s/consulate’s refusal to issue entry visa to the Client and persons indicated in his/her order, for embassy’s/consulate’s decisions, for delays in issuance of documents, for actions or omissions by diplomatic missions, embassies, consulates and related failure to obtain or delays in obtaining visas, for the period of validity of issued visa and the Client’s expenses and losses arising in this connection. In case of visa rejection resulting in impossibility to travel, the Client shall reimburse expenses of International Travel Plus LLP within 3 working days from the date of receipt of corresponding notice.
  • for the Client’s refusal to cross the state border of Kazakhstan and host countries or for imposition of sanctions (preventive measures) in case the Client and/or persons specified in his/her order violate the established procedure for issuing foreign passport, filling out customs declaration, and other necessary documents, for provision of invalid international passports, loss of documents, violation of the customs legislation of Kazakhstan and host countries. In this case the Client shall reimburse expenses of International Travel Plus LLP within 3 three working days from the date of receipt of corresponding notification.
  • for the services offered by hotel: square area and cleanliness of rooms, meals, hotel territory, work of certain hotel departments.
  • for carrier’s actions performed in fulfillment of obligations related to the transportation (carriage) of the Client/persons specified in the order and their baggage (change and/or cancellation of flight, delayed delivery of vehicle, forced change of route and schedule, loss of baggage, etc.). All liability for transportation, delivery of baggage, cancellation or change of departure time of flights, trains and connected changes in the volumes and terms of travel services shall be borne by carriers in accordance with contract, which is the Client’s registered ticket, and in accordance with Kazakhstan’s and international legislation.
  • for actions of insurance company and for losses incurred by the Client in connection with absence of medical insurance for tourists. In case of insured event, liability of the parties shall be regulated in accordance with the terms of insurance specified in insurance contract, which is the insurance policy.
  • for non-compliance of the services provided by ultimate suppliers and weather conditions with the Client’s expectations.
  • for losses and any other damages caused to the Client’s health and/or property in connection with acquisition of any goods and services not provided for by Contract and Annexes to the Contract;
  • for accuracy, completeness, timeliness or orderliness of any third parties’ information provided to the Client when ordering services, including those provided by ultimate service providers, as well as for any the Client’s decisions, actions or omissions taken, performed or committed with this information in mind under no circumstances;
  • for subjective views of the Client and/or persons specified in his/her order for services.

The Client shall represent the interests of all persons specified in the order and shall be directly liable for correctness of provided data, correctness of information about travel services composition, terms and conditions of cancellation, paperwork completion, correctness and sufficiency of filling in documentation.

Client shall be liable for:

  • accuracy of information provided to International Travel Plus LLP. In case of provision of information that does not reflect the actual situation, provision of false or incomplete information, untimely provision of such information, International Travel Plus LLP shall not be liable for negative consequences of such the Client’s actions. In particular, when entering a foreign country that does not require visa, tourist’s foreign passport must be effective for at least 6 (six) calendar months from the date of departure from host country, necessary documents for minor children shall be provided to the border patrol.
  • Client shall bear costs of trip and/or certain travel services cancellation due to failure of the Client and persons specified in his/her order to arrive at the time of start of travel services provision. International Travel Plus LLP shall not be liable for the Client’s missed flights (check-in for international flights starts 3 hours before departure time indicated on the ticket).
  • In case of deportation of the Client and/or persons specified in the order due to unlawful acts and (or) omissions and on other grounds, International Travel LLP shall not be liable for such acts and (or) omissions, and shall not pay any costs connected with deportation. In case of deportation in connection with violation of visa regulations for which ultimate suppliers impose penalties on International Travel Plus LLP, full amount of such penalty shall be repaid by within 3 three working days from the date of corresponding invoice issuance.
  • In case order cannot be fulfilled due to the fault of the Client and/or persons specified in the order, ordered services shall be paid for in full.
  • In case impossibility to fulfill the Contract arose due to circumstances for which neither Party is liable, the Client shall reimburse the actual expenses of International Travel Plus LLP in accordance with the rules of the ultimate service providers.
  • Client and/or persons specified in the order shall bear independent liability if they accepted the services provided, but later during their travel rejected all the services reserved for them or any portion thereof on their initiative not due to shortcomings of the services provided.

In other cases, that are not covered hereby, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the civil laws effective in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


When using this ordering (booking) system you agree to comply with these Rules. We reserve the right to amend, supplement or delete any sections of these Rules at any time at our discretion without notice. Please check periodically this section for possible changes and amendments. Continued use of this ordering (booking) system after introduction of changes and/or amendments shall mean your unconditional acceptance of these changes and/or amendments. We also reserve the right to unilaterally change and supplement the substantial provisions hereof, including but not limited to services and programs, without obligation to notify about it, and we do not assume any liability in this regard.

We act as intermediary of providers of travel services when offering, selling, and booking travel services such as flights, hotel accommodation, car rent, and excursions. We are not liable for violation of the terms of the contract for carriage and/or provision of services and for any other actions or omissions on the part of the providers of such travel services that may cause damage to you and/or your property, or disrupt your plans. We do not give guarantees with regard to booking conditions and rules for application of tariffs regulated exclusively by such suppliers. We will not be liable for disruption of your plans or impossibility to travel in case of bankruptcy of any such supplier, financial crisis, political or social unrest, strikes, abnormal weather conditions, local laws, other unforeseen obstacles, including terrorist acts, and other force majeure.

By accepting these Rules you indemnify and hold us and our suppliers harmless from any claims, lawsuits or prosecutions against us filed or initiated by you or on your behalf due to reasons that are beyond of our liability and arise from use of this booking system.

Taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget shall be paid in accordance with the tax laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international agreements ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan.